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Two great lines of vinyl swingsets from one quality company.

We offer custom construction of swings and playsets in a variety of colors and configurations.

We can alter playsets to suit your special needs.

Call for free catalog.


PRINCESS T HOUSE 12'x30', White Vinyl, Blue Trim.

6'x6' Playhouse (bottom), 6'x6' Play Deck (top), 6'x6' Castle Roof, 14' Super Slide, Entrance Ladder, Lemonade Stand with Bar, 12' Three Position Climber, Two Swings, Trapeze.


MOUNTAIN CHALET 17'x29', Ivory Vinyl, Green Trim.

6'x8' Base, 5'x6' Play House, 3'x6' Porch, Entrance Ladder, 10' Deluxe Slide, Turbo Tube Slide, 14' Four Position Climber Beam, Two Swings, Trapeze, Safe-T-Glider.


PLAY LAND 24'x44', White Vinyl, Blue Trim.

6'x8' Play House, 5' Deck, 6'x6' Play Deck, 7' Deck, 2 Entrance Ladders, 8' Bridge, 14' Super Slide, Turbo Tube Slide, 10' Deluxe Slide, Lemonade Stand with Bar, 12' Three Position Climber, 2 Swings, Trapeze, 6'x8' Vinyl Roof, 6'x6' Castle Roof.

Play Decks

E-29 Play Decks 11'x25', White Vinyl, Blue Trim.

1 Safe-T-Glider, 5'x5' Play Deck, 5' Deck Height, 10' Wave Slide, 5' Rock Wall, 12' Climber Beam, 2 Swings.

Play Decks

E-33 Play Decks 20'x24', Ivory Vinyl, Burgundy and Yellow Trim.

5'x8' Climbing Tower, 5' and 7' Deck Heights, 7' Rock Wall, Turbo Tube Slide, 10' Wave Slide, 12' Climber Beam, 2 Swings, 1 Baby Swing.

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