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Our Lancaster County Pennsylvania craftsmen combine outdoor lumber with modern composites to make your set a child's delight.

Most of our sets can be shifted from left to right, and front to back so that your design can fit your needs, and fit your available space.

Components can be added or subtracted to design the play set you desire.

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The Summer Retreat

A very roomy 6'x8' playhouse with dutch doors and working windows. The cabin is 4'x6' with 47" sidewalls and 6' to the roof peak. The attached sling swings are 7'6" off the ground for a longer smoother ride. This is a very heavy duty set designed for older children.

Country Cabin

6'x7' shown with flat step ladder, 8' slide, AB2Slbgl climber set & child's porch swing out the back. 17'x21' overall size. This set can also be ordered with a gangplank and the 8' slide can be upgraded to a 10' slide. Both of these components must come out the front of the cabin.

Contemporary Playhouse

AFR5 swing set, 8' slide, gangplank, rope ladder, knotted rope swing, fire pole and overhead climbing ladder. 21'x21' overall size. 

This is an action packed set that has a lot of fun activities: sling swing; gangplank; climber set, fire pole; etc.!

The Cabinette

4'x6' with attached AB2Slbgl climber set. 13'x18' overall size.


Shown with two seats, glider and 8' slide tower. 11'x12' overall size.

Gymette with Tarp

4'x4', with tarp, sandbox, 8' slide, ladder and attached AB2Slbgl climber set. 13'x17' overall size.


4'x4' shown with ladder, 8' slide and AFR1 swing attached. 11'x16' overall size.

Gymette with Saltbox Roof

This allows you to add a 10' slide out the side railing of a Gymette with tarp. 15'x17' overall size with climber set.

Climber Set

Slide tower shown with attached climber set, 2 swings, trapeze bar, plastic glider, 8' slide, 6' mountain climb and flat step ladder. 14'x18' overall size.

AFR3 Swing Set

Shown with attached slide tower, mountain climb, 10' slide, 2 swings, wooden glider, wooden baby swing and flat step ladder. 16'x17' overall size.

AFR 4 Swing Set

Shown with slide tower, 8' slide, 6' mountain climb, flat step ladder and AFR4 Swing Set which includes 2 swings, lawn swing and wooden glider. 14'x19' overall size.

AFR 2 Swing Set

Shown with slide tower, 8' slide, 6' mountain climb, flat step ladder, wooden glider and two swings. 14'x15' overall size.

Climbing Tower

Includes AFR1 swing set, 10' slide, 6' mountain climb, tire swing and cargo net. 16'x17 overall size.

Also shown with AFR1 and climber set. 16'x25' overall size.

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